Ahh the blessed dessert, the teasing tarts and glistening glazes. Dessert is so much more than just a third course and our desserts are so much more than the standard fair.

A Sticky Ending

  • Alright Treacle?

    Warm DMB IPA treacle tart with lemon sorbet


  • Italian Job

    Cappuccino mousse with a tuile spoon, whipped cream and marshmallows


  • Tusky Trifle

    Rhubarb, ginger and lavender trifle


  • St Clements

    Lemon, lime and orange crème brûlée with Café Curl wafers


  • Lumberjack

    Black Forest brownie with New Forest cherry chocolate ice cream


Ice Ice Baby

New Forest ice creams with wafers and fruit coulis.
Choose from strawberry, chocolate, vanilla bean, salted caramel or clotted cream


Vegan Desserts