A la Carte

“Delicious unpretentious cooking. Food made with love”

Head Chef at Dancing Man Brewery

Nibbles While you choose?

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We don't have any vegetarian items because we are so keen to provide top quality animal free vegan meals.

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We make our own gluten free pastry for our pies and try hard to avoid using that pesky ingredient!

Is quite Spicy

We like to play with flavours including spice but we don’t make our food too hot, this is only a precautionary warning. It won’t set your head on fire!

Contains Nuts

Contains nut as main ingredient but nuts are used in our kitchen and we cannot guarantee our products are 100% nut free

In The Beginning

Meat Eaters

In the Vegan...ing

The Main Event

Meat Eaters

V is for Vegan

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Please note that due to the freshness of the beef, our burgers can appear to be slightly pink. Please be assured that they are cooked to perfection.

Bit on the side

DMB Deli

All served in white or brown demi-baguette with Kettle chips and vinaigrette slaw.